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Build your own hyperlocal marketplace and create an
incredible delivery app in minutes

Powerful Admin Dashboard

  • Order Management

    Provide complete flexibility to your users and manage daily orders under one centralized view
  • Analytics

    View and export reports on your interactive dashboard with a few easy clicks
  • Access Control

    Create multiple admin accounts to manage orders, edit catalogues, or handle customer, queries.
  • SEO

    Your hyperlocal marketplace uses the best features and tools of search engine optimization

Customer Mobile Apps

  • Social Signups

    Users can easily register or log in with their Instagram, Facebook, or Google Accounts.
  • Chat Support

    A 24/7 chat support is available to customers, integrated with AI and chatbots.
  • Market Pushes

    Send fully customized notifications to all your customers with the push notification and messaging feature.
  • Real-time Tracking

    Customers can keep track of their orders using the in-built tracking software and stay up-to-date with delivery timings.

Merchant Apps

  • On-the-go Business

    With Yelo, you can access your hyperlocal marketplace from anywhere at any point of time.
  • Chat

    Merchants have direct access to customer chats to help solve their grievances instantly.
  • Dispatch

    Keep track of every delivery with the real-time tracking feature, and optimize routes and schedules, on a single platform.
  • Powerful Analytics

    Analyze reports and data to improve the performance and delivery of your hyperlocal marketplace.

Here for you, 24x7!

  • Round-the-Clock Customer Support

    We go the extra mile! Unlike our competitors, we offer round-the-clock 24/7 support for troubleshooting issues or business advice
  • Dedicated Account Managers

    Complete end-to-end assistance with dedicated account managers for every client
  • Comprehensive Whitelabel Support

    Get round-the-clock guidance from experience account managers even for your whitelabel projects
  • Integrated Delivery Management Software

    Our multiple integrations make getting things done faster and more efficient than ever before!
  • No Hidden Charges

    With no hidden surcharges or fees, the price you see is the price you pay!

The Robust Features of Yelo Will Make
Your Hyperlocal Marketplace Stand Out

Build your own hyperlocal marketplace and create
an incredible delivery app in minutes

Fully-Powered Software

All-inclusive website deck and
application with pre-installed
templates, themes, and
in-built tools.

Social Login

Ease of login with social media
accounts eliminating the hassle
of new-user registration.

Seamless Payments

Choose from over 100+ payment
gateways and accessible in
multiple currencies.

24/7 Chat Support

Advanced AI technology
provides a user-friendly interface
for new and existing users.

Customizable Themes

Use customized themes that are
specific to your business needs
to develop the design and layout.

Integrated Partners

Choose from our wide range of
integrated partners and select
the best tools for your hyperlocal


Get started right away with no coding
and easy-to-use navigation settings
to create the most accessible
platform for your customers.


Value for money with no start-up
costs and advanced technological
tools designed to serve both
you and your customers.

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